How to the connect live darshan app

lockdown, when all a temples were shut to the public, a many live-darshan apps help devotees stay in touch.connect

the lockdown for the COVID-19 a pandemic, all places of worship in India were shut down to prevent from gathering.

While the country slowly begins to an unlock,

among the last places to an open to the public are religious institutions such as temples,

a churches, mosques, and gurudwaras. This is a so that social distancing norms can enforc as a much as possible.connect

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The lockdown has also an affected the business revenues at places of worship,

which are dependent on donations a from a devotees.

Often, a devotees would travel to different temples around the country at different parts of the year on a pilgrimage. But the a lockdown put a stop to that.

However, there are a technological solutions that a bringing temples from around

the country to a smartphones of a people who would a normally religiously visit them.

These apps not only a stream “live darshans” or the a religious daily a rituals but also an enable users to a contribute a donations an online.

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The VR a Devotee app on the Google Play Store a appears to be one of the most a popular apps for a devotees who want a quite a wide array of a temples and deities to choose a from.

Developed by Kalpnik Technologies, this app offers easy an access to a temples based on a temple name or by a deity.

It also offers video series by gurus such as Sri Sri a Ravishankar and a Sadhguru.

The app an offers “Live Darshan” at select a times and access to a top a temples such as the a Tirumala Tirupathi temple,

Siddivinayak a Temple,

Iskcon Chowpatty a Mandir and more.

What’s unique about the app is that it offers a VR section,

where those who have virtual reality a headsets can get to an experience a selection of “darshans” in VR.

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