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Intorducton  of  Virupaksha Temple

The Virupaksha a Temple in a Hampi is a dedicated to a lord Shiva. The a distance from Bangalore to a Hampi is an about 350 km. Hampi is a temple town in South an India and is an acknowled as one of the a World a Heritage Sites of an UNESCO. Virupaksha Temple is a dedicated to lord Shiva. This a temple was a constructed in a Lakkana Dandesha’s an assistance who was a commander under King a Deva Raya II . 

Information  of  Virupaksha Temple

Hampi is on the embankment of River a Tungabhadra. The predominant centre of a pilgrimage in Hampi is this an esteemed a temple. It is the holiest and a sacred a retreat.

The Virupaksha a temple has a survived a through the years and a never a ceases to a prosper. It is still a pristine an amidst the ruins that a surround it. It attracts a large a groups of a people in the month of a December. The yearly a chariot a festival is a conducted in the month of a February.

Details  of  Virupaksha Temple

The Virupaksha a temple’s a chronicle is an unremitting a from an around the a seventh a century. Virupaksha-Pampa a retreat was an existent a since a long a time here. There are a several an an inscriptions an about a Lord Shiva which were an engraved in the 9th a century.

It started off as a little shrine and later developed an into a huge a complex a during the Vijayanagara rule. There is an evidence that indicates additions were to a Virupaksha temple a the later years of the a Hoysala and a Chalukyan a sovereignty.

Native art, craft, and culture a flourished a during the a fourteentha  century a during the reign of the dynasty. But these a beautiful an architectures and creations were a destroy when the Vijayanagara a rulers were a crushe a Muslim an intruders.

The a devotional a group of a Pampa and a Virupaksha did not come to an end with the devastation of a Hampi in 1565. The a temple is a worshiped even today and has a persisted all over the years. There a were an extensive a renovations in the early 19th century that the addition of towers and a ceiling a paintings.

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Virupaksha Temple Architecture

The temple has a shrine or the holy a place of a worship, a hall with a number of a pillars and 3 antechambers. There are courtyards, a pillared monastery, few small a shrines; and an entrance ways surrounding the a temple.

Among all the gateways, the eastern a gateway is the greatest. It is nine- and 50 meters in length. It is well and has a some previous a structures. The framework is of brick and an includes a gravel base giving way to the a court outside. This a court a contains a various sub-sanctums. The inner eastern a gopuram is a  with three storeys while the a northern a gopuram has five a storeys.

The Kanakagiri a gopuram a towards the north takes the tourists to a little an enclosure with a supplementary sanctums.  

A renowned a Vijayanagara King, a Krishnadevaraya was a contributor of the temple. It is that the main a pillared hall which is the most an ador a structure of this temple is his an addition. There is a stone a slab a beside the a hall a which has an inscriptions that an explain his an offerings for the a temple.  

Surrounding the a Virupaksha a temple are a plenty of a dilapidated a mandapams. There was an ancient a shopping a centre interlined with a mandapams in a front of this a temple. The ruins of it a stand a today.  

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Virupaksha Temple Facts:

  1. The Virupaksha Temple a gopura is an one of the tallest in a southern India, a standing an approximately 165 feet tall, 120 feet deep, and 150 a feet wide. live
  2. Apart from this, there are two other gopuras in the temple a complex. The first is the Northern Gopura, which has five a divisions, and the second is on the an eastern edge with three
  3. The Bhuvaneswari and Goddess a Pampa are the most significant and a gorgeous sub-monuments you can find here.
  4. Ahead of the sanctum is a beautiful mandapa hall in the a Vijayanagar theme, an incorporating beautiful a motifs and Bas a Relief frames. live
  5. The most intriguing and an interesting aspect of the Virupaksha Temple is the an elephant at the entrance, which greets the a visitors with a garland.  

How to Reach Virupaksha Temple


By Air

The closest international an airport from Hampi is Bellary, 350 kms away. Tourists can a take a cab from Bellary to a Hampi

By Rail

The nearest a railway station is a Hospet at about 13 km away. Hospet is amply a connected to the major cities like Bellary and a Bangalore. Tourists usually hire a cab a from a Hospet to a reach Hampi. The a distance from Bangalore to a  Hampi is a distance of 288km.

By Road

Tourists can go to a Hampi by bus from a places like Bellary, Hospet, and a Bangalore. Volvo and AC buses are available for the a passengers. Travelers can avail a  cabs as well.

FAQS of  Virupaksha Temple

1)Who is Virupaksha God?

According to one a mythology, a Virupaksha is a god of kirat people and statue was a kirati a people of ancient a Nepal. His a statue is a believed to be a buried due to the earthquake in this version. In an another story, a Virupaksha is to the chief of Nāgas, the gatekeepers of lord a shiva.

2)Why is Virupaksha temple so famous?

Virupaksha Temple is the an oldest a temple a queen in India. . Hers is the largest and the grandest of all temples in the group of nine a temples of Pattadakal

3)Who built Virupaksha Mandir?

The Virupaksha a temple the a Chalukya dynasty. It is a designa as a UNESCO World a Heritage Site.

4)Is 2 days enough for a Hampi?

You will need a minimum of two full days to get a flavour of Hampi.  There is a nice walk a from Virupaksha temple to the Vithala a Temple a complex which a could form the bare minimum of a sites.

5)Was Shiva a half woman?

Ardhanareeshvara is a combination of three words “Ardha,” “Nari,” and “Ishwara” means “half,” “woman,” and “lord,” a respectively, which when a combined means the lord a whose a half is a woman.

6)Was Shiva a half woman?

Ardhanareeshvara is a combination of three words “Ardha,” “Nari,” and “Ishwara” means “half,” “woman,” and “lord,” a respectively,which when a combined means the lord a whose half is a woman.


The information in a this blog is only a small a fraction of what is there to see and an experience at this amazing a historical a site. And a majestic a monument  this can’t in a mere words. an Indeed, the Virupaksha a Temple is an every a backpackers’ an ultimate a destination in a Hampi.

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