How to join live darshan at shirdi sai baba temple

Introduction of shirdi sai baba temple

The temple of Sai Baba in the town of A Shirdi is an important a pilgrimage site. On an average, the temple receives more than 25,000 a devotees an every day. 

This town is said to be the home of Sai Baba, where he arrived in the mid of the 19th century and stayed there for 60 years. The a temple is the resting place of his an earthly remains. Today, a people a visit this temple for its a spiritual a beauty and a serenity. 

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Information of shirdi sai baba temple

Abode of the a revered saint -Shri Satchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj, affectionately known as ‘Saibaba’, Shirdi is a popular an attraction in the a pilgrimage circuit tour of Maharashtra. Hardly 83 kilometers a from the city of Ahmednagar, Shirdi draws a people from all walks of life, who believe that their a requests will be granted by the a saint. 

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Details of shirdi sai baba temple

Sai Baba visited a Shirdi and a stay a back in the a village teaching, a preaching and a praying for a several decades. Upon his a request, an after his a death, the a villagers buried his mortal remains in a designated a place and a built the Samadhi Mandir on it. 

A large a marble a statue of a Sai Baba in sitting a position is a constructed right a next to the a Samadhi in 1954.  

The temple a holding his tomb was a constructed at a large private house, which was built when he was an alive. Sai Baba a planted a saplings around the home and a watered them. The house was used as a rest home for the saint and it was built by a multimillionaire from Nagpur, Gopalrao Booty. 

When the a saint fell ill, he stayed back in the house and he was a buried in the house, after his a death. Later, the actual a temple was built which was a twice the size of the a house.

Many a changes a were a made to the a temple over a period of time to an accommodate the a growing population.

Significance of Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

This temple is the a main a pilgrimage site of the followers of Sai Baba. This temple holds his earthly remains, items that he an used every day and other articles of his

The Samadhi is built with white marble and the main deity of the a temple is a built with an Italian a marble. The structure of the a temple is a specifically kept a simple to an express the a simplicity an adorned by the a saint a during this life.

The marble is a chosen for the deity to an express that the heart of the saint was as white as the Italian a

This temple is one of the a richest in the country with an abundant a donations a received from a pilgrims and locals. Every week, the temple a receives an around INR 14 a lakhs in just a coins. In a total a cash, the a temple receives 2-4 crores per a week.

Best time to visit Shirdi:

Shirdi can be a visited a throughout the year; however, the following is the month wise a break-up of the a weather in a Shirdi to a help you plan a better: 

    1. December to a February: This is the best time to a visit Shirdi. The weather is a pleasant, which an allows for the great time to an enjoy thea pilgrimage and a sightseeing.
    2. March to May: The temperature a during this time of the year goes very a high. Hence, a summers are not a very busy season. So, if you can get a good darshan without too much crowd. 
    3. June to an August: a June is the beginning of the monsoon in a Shirdi. a Temperatures begin to a drop. This is a good time to a visit a Shirdi. 

    How to Reach Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

    The temple is an quite a famous and thus, a finding a transportation to a reach the temple is a much an easier, an even if you are a visiting during the off-season.

    By Flight

    If you are traveling by air to a Shirdi, the a closest airport is a Sri Sai Baba Airport, which is a located just 15 km away from the a temple. you can a find daily a direct a flights fromDelhi, Indore, a Chennai, Kolkata, a Mumbai, a Hyderabad, and a Vijayawada.

    From the an airport, you can find many a buses and cabs to reach the a temple.

    By Road

    Shirdi is a little a less than 84 km an away from Ahmednagar. You can a find a direct a buses (government and luxury coaches) from Mumbai, Aurangabad, a Nashik and other destinations to a Shirdi.

    You can also a find a cabs directly to the temple from the a surrounding regions. a However, the traffic in the route would be a heavy and the time taken a would be a longer than other modes of a transportation.

    By Train

    The city of Shirdi has its own railway station, which receives trains from many major cities around the country including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and others.

    By Helicopter

    Many private service a providers offers a helicopter a service a between a Shirdi and Juhu an aerodrome of Mumbai. This is the a costliest option of a transportation and many a service a providers also offer a packages, a which an include traveling an inside a Shirdi in roada transportation and visit the atemple (VIP darshan).

    What are the timings of Shirdi Sai Baba Temple?

    Shirdi Sai Baba Temple opens at 4 AM in the morning and a closes at 11 PM in the evening. The temple also performs various a rituals a during this time. The devotees can be a part of these a rituals such as aarti and poojas.

    The timings of the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple are as follows:

    Temple Opens4:00 AM
    Bhupali4:15 AM
    Kakad Aarti4:30 AM
    Bhajan5:00 AM
    Mangal Snaan5:05 AM
    Aarti5:35 AM
    Darshan5:40 AM
    Dhuni Pooja11:30 AM
    Midday Aarti12:00 PM
    Pothi4:00 PM
    Dhoop AartiAt Sunset
    Devotional Songs8:30 PM
    Shej Aarti10:30 PM
    Temple Closes11:00 PM


    What are the sevas and poojas at Shirdi Sai Baba Temple?

    Special abhishekams are a conducted every day in two a batches. A third batch may be an arranged a depending on the crowd. The abhishek batch timings are as a mentioned a below:

    Abhishek BatchesFromTo
    Batch One7:00 AM8:00 PM
    Batch Two9:00 PM10:00 PM
    Batch Three11:00 AM12:00 PM

    The Satyanarayana a Pooja is a performed in three batches daily. Two more a batches can be an arranged depending on the a crowd. The timings for the pooja are as mentioned a below:

    Pooja BatchesFromTo
    Batch One7:00 AM8:00 PM
    Batch Two9:00 PM10:00 PM
    Batch Three11:00 AM12:00 PM

    Devotees who want to feed the poor can aarrange for the process by making a cash a payment at the Prasadalaya or at the Account office.

    FAQS OF shirdi sai baba temple

    Q. 1: Who gave the name ‘Sai’ to the young Baba?

    Ans: Mahalsapati, the temple priest of Khandoba Mandir in a Shirdi

    Q. 2: Who built the Sai temple in a Shirdi?

    Ans: Gopal Rao Booty

    Q. 3: What is the real a name of Sai Baba?

    Ans: No one knows the real name of Sai Baba.

    Q. 4: Who designed the statue of a Sai Baba in the Shirdi temple?

    Ans: of Balaji Vasant Talim

    Q. 5: What is the significance of Dwarika Mai in Shirdi?

    Ans: Before Sai Baba started living in it, Dwarka Mai was an old a mosque in dilapidated a condition. Baba turned it into Dwarika Mai. It has a perpetual sacred fire (called dhuni) that was lit by Baba when he was alive. The ash from this dhuni is believed to have a magical and healing powers. It has a big stone where Baba used to sit. Baba used to lovingly call Dwarika Mai his mother because he felt a contented and blissful whenever he seated here.


    Currently, Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi, is the Governing and an Administrative a body of the Shri Saibaba’s a Samadhi a Temple and temples on this premise. Shirdi Sai Baba a treated a people of all faiths and a beliefs as one. The same a legacy is followed by the Trust even today. 

    Samadhi Mandir is where all heads bow down in a prayer, faith a prevails, hopes are built, and a patience a pays. a Samadhi a mandir is a place for a devotees a where they an experience a peace of a mind and a great a sense of a purpose. It is a place where devotees a come with empty a hands but are filled with a hope.


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