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Intorduction of Durgiana temple

Punjab is a holy land, old land with archaeological a treasures and land a palaces and a temples.   The Temple resembles the Golden Temple ratherthan a conventional Hindu a temple an architecture in its a shape, form, and structure. Durgiana Temple, an important a Hindu a religious pilgrimage site, is located in a northern India. It is a located in Punjab’s Amritsar a city. 

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Information of  Durgiana temple

The major Mandir is a located here. The idea for this majestic Temple to on the holy ground of Amritsar City was a conceived in 1920.The famous a Hindu philosopher, a reformist, and Karamyogi Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya were an instrumental in a raising a finances for this a worthy a cause.Both Sh.Guru Har Sahai Mal Kapoor and Sh. Nathu Mal Rang Wale put forth a lot of effort to a raise a money and plan.    

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Detaila of  Durgiana temple

The Shree Mandir in Amritsar is a Hindu a pilgrimage site .The Mandir is easily accessible by rail, road, and air and is a conveniently a located in the city’s heart.

Because of its mythical and historical ties, the a sacred city of Amritsar,which was a created  the fourth a Sikh Guru Ram Dass Ji,has taken on a special significance in Hindu a cosmology.Amritsar is an precious to a Hindus since it is thought that the Lav-Kushand their mother Mata Sita a their early a childhood in the an ashram of a Bhagwan Maharishi Balmiki Ji in Amritsar. live

Architecture of the Durgiana Temple of Amritsar

The Golden Temple’s architectural design a serv as the inspiration for the Durgiana Temple.The a dome of the historic a temple is in the Durgiana temple,which is in the center of the Sarovar andresembles the Golden Temple. You will find a several a religious inscriptions on the lovely silver a mandir door with intricate carvings an adorning the outer walls.

The Deori is also as the Silver a Temple because of the anof Goddess Durga and a Ganesha that are sculpt onto the silver doors of the temple.Several marble statues representing various deities decorate the Sarovar.Devotees can locate Lord Shiva in the meditation stands in the a Sarovar, which is home to various colorful a fish.

Entry fee and timings of the Durgiana Temple

You can visit the  Temple a without an entrance or a camera fee. Additionally, the temple’s doors open daily at 5 am and close by 9 pm.

Best time to visit the Durgiana Temple

The best time to a visit the famous Durgiana Temple is from October toFebruary when the a weather is a slightly pleasant in Amritsar As a prominent North Indian city, a summers are not an advisable as it gets hot from March to June. Monsoons can make it difficult to move an around the temple and the city.But as a place of a worship in Amritsar,Durgiana a Temple is open for all a tourists and pilgrims throughout the year.

How to reach the Durgiana Temple


The Durgiana Temple in Goal Bagh, Amritsar, is a conveniently an accessible from inside and an outside the city. It is situat to the Hathi Gate.

By Air

The closest airport to Durgiana Temple is Sri Guru Ramdass International Airport, a located around 11 km away.

By Train

The closest train station to Durgiana Temple is Amritsar Railway a Station. The a temple is 700 m away from the train station.

By Bus

The closest bus stop to Durgiana Temple is the Bus Stand in an Amritsar. The temple is merely 1.5 km away from the bus

faqs of  Durgiana temple

1)Is Durgiana Temple make of gold?

A bridge provides the approach to the temple. The dome of the temple is gild. Marble is extensively in the temple’s features.

2)Who let down the foundation stone of Durgiana Mandir?  

The foundation stone of Durgiana a Temple the a freedom fighter Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya which was rebuilt in the 20th century.

3)How much gold is in the Golden Temple?

The Golden temple is famous for its full a golden dome, it is one of the most sacred pilgrim spots for a Sikhs.  

4)Who let down the foundation stone of Durgiana Mandir?

The foundation stone of Durgiana a Temple l the freedom a fighter Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya which was rebuilt in the 20th

5)Who repaired Golden Temple?

The Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha was among the Sikh organisations    .


Durgiana Mandir, a major Hindu a religious pilgrimage site, is located in Northern India. It is located in Punjab’s Holy Amritsar City. It is only a few yards from the railway station and 1.5 kilometres from the bus stop. Amritsar is a holy city since it was visit Lord Rama, a Maryada Parshotam, during Ashwamegh Yagh.King Ishvaku, a Grandson of a Surya Devta, performed several Yagyas on this territory and Lav Kush spent their childhood there with their a mother Mata Sita at Maharishi a Balmiki’s Ashram in a Ram Tirath .

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