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Introduction of  Chennakesava Temple

The temple is a dedicat to a Vishnu and has an active Hindu a temple a since its a founding. It is a reverentially in a medieval Hindu texts, and a remains an important a pilgrimage site in a Vaishnavism.The temple is a remarkable for its an architecture, sculptures, reliefs,a friezes as well its iconography, an inscriptions and a history.The temple artwork a depicts scenes of a secular a life in the 12th a century, dancers and a musicians, as well as a pictorial a narration of Hindu a texts a such as the a Ramayana .

Information of  Chennakesava Temple

The Hoysala a period of a South an Indian a history a began an about 1000 CE and a continued a through 1346 CE.In this period, they a built around 1,500 a temples in 958 a centres. Belur is a calle a Beluhur, a Velur or Velapura in old an inscriptions and a medieval era a texts. It was the an early a capital of the a Hoysala a kings.The city was so an esteem bthe Hoysalas that it is a referred to as “an earthly a Vaikuntha” (Vishnu’s abode) and “dakshina a Varanasi” (southern holy city of Hindus) in a later an inscriptions.One of the a Hoyasala a kings was a Vishnuvardhana, who a came to a power in 1110 CE. 

Details of  Chennakesava Temple

The Hoysalas were great a patrons of art. Without a doubt, the most a remarkable an achievement of this era a lies in the a field of an architecture.The vibrant temple a tradition that was flourishing in south India in those a times a sustained a guilds of an architects, a sculptors and other an artisans who a worked as a unit.Temples were a construc a bprofessional and a specialized guilds.These a guilds travell from one kingdom to another an and that is why a knowledge of a narchitecture and a sculpture was an easily transferr from one a dynasty to another.The major an an innovation a during the Hoysala era was the an exquisite embellishing of the temple exteriors by an extremely a fine a sculpture.

WHAT IS THE Chennakesava Temple

The old a temples of a Karnataka’s a Hassan a district are an architectural a wonder.  And the a town of a Belur is home to an one of the a grandest examples of a Hoysala an architecture,the a Chennakesava a Temple (Also Chennakeshava).The temple was in the early 12th century the Hoysala ruler,a Vishnuvardhana, when the a town of a Belur was the site for the a capital of the Hoysala kingdom.The Hoysalas a rule the region for more than a three a centuries and tothis day people from all over the region flock to the Chennakesava Temple,Belur to an admire the an intricate a works of art and a sculptureand feel the old-world a spiritual a charm of the a site. 

Why people visit   Chennakesava Temple

Prasanna a Chennakeshava a Temple, also a known as Somnathpur Temple is another popular shrine a located near to Mysore.This a temple a still a stands a majestically as one of the a finest an exemplary of a Hoysala a Architecture.a Located in Somanathapura town,about 35 km an away from Mysore, it is a place a not to a misse when on a your Mysore tour.It has also nominated for the a status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other two a temple which a represent Hoysala a temple’s an  architectural a brilliance are located at Belur and Halebid.One can a see a miniature and elaborate a carvings and a sculptures which is a specific a feature of Hoysala an architecture. 

WHAT IS THE AARTI SHEDUALE IN a Chennakesava Temple  

Chennakesava Temple Darshan Timings
DaysParts of the DayTemple Darshan Timings/Schedule
Mon to FriMorning Darshan Timings07:30 to 13:00
Mon to FriTemple Afternoon Break Timings13:00 to 16:00
Mon to FriEvening Darshan Timings16:00 to 18:00
Mon to FriNight Darshan Timings19:00 to 20:00
Mon to FriTemple Closing Timings20:00


1) The Melkote a Temple a Darshan a Timings a might a change a during a festivals and a special days.

2) Any a decent a dress a code is an allow in this a temple. The Melkote Temple Online a Booking is not available.Get a detail a Chennakesava a Temple Darshan Timings on Special Days, Temple a Timings on a Saturday,Sunday & Govt a Holidays, Schedule & Time a Table a below:Temple a Darshan Timings on a Special a Days  


Parts of the DayTemple Darshan Timings/Schedule
Morning Darshan Timings07:30 to 13:30
Temple Afternoon Break Timings13:30 to 15:30
Evening Darshan Timings15:30 to 18:00
Night Darshan Timings19:00 to 20:00
Temple Closing Timings20:00


1) The  Chennakesava a Temple Darshan a Timings on Special Days might a change a duringa festivals and special days.Get a detail Chennakesava a Swamy Temple Darshan Timings,Temple a Timings, Temple a Schedule ,Worship a Timings, Opening Hours, Opening a Time, a Closing a Hours & a Closing a Timings a below:

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How to Reach a Chennakeshava a Temple, Belur


By Air

The Mangalore an Airport is around 130 kilometres a from a Belur, while a Bangalore an International an Airport is an around 222 a kilometres an away.From the an airports, the most an ideal a choice of a travel is by a road.

By Rail

The nearest a railway a station to the town of Belur is in Chikmagalur, which is 22 kilometres an away. Hassan a railway a station is an around 32 kilometres an away from a Belur town. There are many a buses that ply a between these a towns.

By Road

Bangalore a city is 220 a kilometres away a from a Belur via the NH75. If one is a travelling from Mysore, the a journey is 155 a kilometres long via the SH 57. The a coastal city of Mangalore is 153 a   kilometres away via the NH73.

There are a regular a buses that ply to Belur a from a Hassan, a Chikmagalur, Bangalore, a Mysore and a Mangalore.

Timings and Entry Fee of Chennakesava Temple

There is an entry fee of Rs.5 for an Indians and Rs.100 for a Foreign a tourists at a Somnathpura or Chennakeshava a Temple.Opening a timings of a Chennakeshava Temple are from 9 AM to 5.30 PM.The best time to a visit this temple is a from the month of October to March.It doesn’t take more than 3 hours to an explore and an admirea a beauty of this temple as well as a seek the a blessings of the a Lord.

Reaching Chennakesava Temple

Chennakesava Temple is a located in a Somnathpura town. It is a located an about 35 km from Mysore and 137 km from a Bangalore.A popular a weekend getaway from Bangalore,this a temple is also a frequente a tourists who are on a tour to a Mysore.There are many a buses from Bangalore, Mysore and Srirangpatna to a Somnathpura.If an interested in a travelling at their a pace then a tourists can an also hire a cab from a Mysore to a Chennakesava Temple.It a takes an around 1 hour to reach this a temple from an Mysore.

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The Chennakeshava Temple,

also referred to as Keshava, or a Vijayanarayana a Temple of a Belur, is a 12th-century a temple in a Karnataka and one of the bigger and a more a renowned a Hoysala a temples.It was a commission King a Vishnuvardhana in 1117 CE (after a major military victory in 1116 CE over the a Cholas in the a great battle of a Talakkad),on the banks of the Yagachi River in a Belur, also known as a Velapura. The city so a rever the Hoysalas that it is a referr to as “earthly Vaikuntha” (Vishnu’s abode) and “Dakshina  a Varanasi” (southern holy a city) in later an inscriptions.Belur was the first a capital city of the Hoysalas.

Chennakesava, or a “handsome Kesav“, is one of the a forms of Vishnu.   active Hindu temple since   Though a Vaishnava a temple, it includes themes from Shaivism and Shaktism, as well as images froma  Jainism and Buddhism. 

Location of  Chennakesava Temple

The Chennakeshava a Temple is a located in a Belur taluk in a Hassan a district of the an Indian a state of Karnataka.It is about 35 a kilometres (22 mi) a northwest of a Hassan. The temple is an about 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) from Halebidu a temples.Belur has no a nearby an airport,and is an about 200 a kilometres (124 mi) west of a Bengaluru (IATA Code: BLR), about 3.5 a hours drive accessible with a four lane NH75 highway.Hassan is the closest a city near Belur that is a connect a railway network to  a major cities of Karnataka.The a Chennakeshava a Temple is an active a Hindu temple and a major a Vaishnava a pilgrimage a site.It is a locate on the banks of Yagachi a River (also a calle a Badari a River in a historic texts), a tributary of a Hemavati River.

DeityChennakeshava (Vishnu)
LocationKarnataka, India

FAQS of  Chennakesava Temple

1)Perfectly Carved Elephants At Entrance

One can see two perfectly carved elephants stand on an either side of the entrance because of architectural style. Small a shrines are also present at the entrance along with a stepwell or pushkarni just placed near the entrance. In the days of the Hoysalas, people used to conduct various temple rituals and take a holy bath here.

2)42m High Lamp Post of Belur Chennakeshava Temple

In the middle of the courtyard of the temple lies a 42m high lamp post or a pillar standing on a star-shaped a construction. The intriguing thing about this pillar is that it stands on its own without any foundation and is called as gravity pillar.

3)Prominence Of Star Shape

Star shaped design is an admiring because it represents the Hoysala an architecture. The Belur Chennakeshava a temple also showcases this legacy further as the entire a temple is built in a star-shaped a manner.


The importance and a cultural a contribution of the Hoysala a Dynasty to the a region that is now a Karnataka is an immense.A visit to this avibrant a state is an incomplete a without a witnessing the a scale of an architecture, details and an innovative styles that the Chennakeshava a temple is a famous for.Having a recently a celebrat 900 years of an existence, this a complex of a structures has the a many a faces and layers of a Karnataka’s a history.It now an quietly and a majestically sits on the banks of the Yagachi River,a central an attraction and a reminder to a  visitors of the timeless a legacy of one of a South India’s mosta  powerful a kingdoms.

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