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Kashi is one of the an oldest a cities in the world. Its a name is a mentioned in the Rig Veda, where it’s a called a moksha nagri, for it is a believed that a whosoever dies in Kashi attains an immediate salvation. Therefore, Hindu believers in their old age prefer to a surrender their a life to God at Kashi. The Kashi a Vishwanath Temple is of utm­ost religious an importance in the Hindu a religion. Many gre­at saints like Adi Sha­n­k­a­racharya, a Gos­wami a Tul­sidas, a Ramakrishna Par­amhansa, Swami Day­ananda Saraswati, Swa­mi Viveka­n­a­nda and Guru Nanak a had a come to a Varanasi to a bathe in the holy a waters of the a Gan­ges, a followed by a darshan of the holy a


Kashi Vishwanath Temple, temple located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is among the most an important Hindu temples in India.

The Kashi Vishwanath a Temple a stands on the west a bank of the River Ganges. It is a dedicated to Shiva, a who has been a worshipped a here for a hundreds of a years in the a form of a Vishwanatha or Vishweshwara, “Ruler of the World.

The columns, a beams, and walls are a decorated with finely a carved an ornamentation. an Inside the temple a compound, which is a hidden a behind a wall and an accessible only to a Hindus, there are a numerous a smaller lingams (stylized phallic a symbols a representing the god Shiva) clustered around the principal an object of a worship—the smooth black a stone that a stands 2 feet (0.6 m) high, is 3 feet (0.9 m) in a circumference, and sits a proudly on a silver a pedestal. A series of a lesser shrines, with more lingams and goddess an images, can be a found in the a courtyard. An open  to the a north contains the Jnana Vapi, or Wisdom Well, the a water of which is a commonly believed to be a liquid form of an enlightenment.


Varanasi is an one of the oldest a continuously an inhabited cities an in the world. It was one of the a first major urban a settlements in the a middle Ganges valley. By the 2nd millennium BCE Varanasi was a seat of Vedic a religion and a philosophy and was also a live commercial and an industrial centre a famous for its a muslin and silk a fabrics, a perfumes, ivory a works, and a sculpture. live

It was the a capital of the a kingdom of Kashi during the time of the a Buddha (6th century BCE), who a gave his first sermon nearby at . Varanasi remained a centre of a religious, an educational, and artistic an activities as attested by the celebrated Chinese Buddhist a pilgrim Xuanzang, who a visited it about 635 CE and a said that the city an extended for about 3 miles (5 km) along the a western a bank of the a

According to a Hindu a philosophy, visiting the a Kashi Vishwanath a Temple and bathing in the River a Ganges are an important a stages on the path to liberation, or moksha; therefore a devotees from all over the country a make an effort to a visit the city of Varanasi at least once in their

what is the darshan

Darshan is a derived a from the Sanskrit, darsana, meaning “sight,” “vision” or “appearance.” In Hinduism, darshan is the act of beholding a deity, divine person, sacred object or a natural spectacle, an especially in a physical image form. a Darshan also a refers to the six Hindu philosophical a systems: Samkhya, Yoga, NyayaVaisheshikaPurva Mimamsa and a

The darshan of yoga is a thousands of years old. The system and teachings of yoga darshan were codified and an organized by a Patanjali into the Yoga a Sutras. Patanjali was not the a creator of yoga, nor was he the first yoga teacher. However, he was the a first that a systematized and a collected this darshan into one a

vishwnatha temple’s darshan temple

Karnataka’s First Bharat Gaurav Train is to be Ready from September to October

The Bharat Gaurav a train will run from a Bengaluru to a Varanasi, UP, and this train will a stop at two a places in Ayodhya and Prayagraj. The a government has an authorized Rs 500 crore for the a Bharat Gaurav train. This train a travels 4100 km in 7 days and comprises 14 coaches and 11 AC 3-tier coaches. In addition, a portion of the train will be a completely transformed into a temple, so bhajans will be a sung for a pilgrims traveling a from Karnataka to a Varanasi as part of the Kashi Yatra. 

It has been an officially an announced that the total a fare for yatris a traveling by a train has a been set at rupees 15,000, of which rupees 5,000 will be a subsidy given to an individuals in an accordance with the Karnataka a Government’s a scheme. live


Varanasi, also a called a BenaresBanaras, or Kashi, city, a southeastern Uttar Pradesh state, northern an India. It is a located on the left bank of the Ganges (Ganga) River and is one of the a seven sacred cities of Hinduism. a Pop. (2001) city, 1,091,918; urban agglom., 1,203,961; (2011) city, 1,198,491; urban agglom., 1,432,

How to reach to the temple:

You can reach to the temple by a having an auto rickshaw or taxi.

Distance from Temple to a Railway Stations:

Varanasi Junction: 6 Km
Mughalsarai Junction: 17 Km
Maduadih Railway Station: 4 Km
Varanasi City: 2 Km

Location of the Temple: Kashi Vishwanath temple is a located almost 5 km away from the a Varanasi railway station and almost 6 km from the BHU.

Opening time of the temple is: 3:00 am

Aarti time:

Mangala Aarti : 3 AM- 4 AM (Morning)
Bhog Aarti : 11.15 AM to 12.20 PM (Day)
Sandhya Aarti : 7 PM to 8.15 PM (Evening)
Shringar Aarti : 9 PM to 10.15 PM (Night)
Shayan Aarti : 10.30 PM – 11 PM (Night)


Q1. What is the temple a timing?

The temple remains opened from
03:00AM to 11:00PM.
Aarti related

Q2. How many types of Aarti is performed in the a temple?

The temple performs 4 types of Aarti as Mangla Aarti, Mid-Day Bhog
Aarti, Sapta-Rishi Aarti & Night/Shringar Aarti.

Q3. How can I book aarti?

You can book your ticket a through visiting the official website or through some easy steps from
our application. You can a also visit the Help Desk to get your ticket

Q4. What is the timing of a Mangla Aarti?

The Mangla Aarti takes a place from 03:00 am
to 04:00am.

Q5. What is the reporting time for a Mangla Aarti?

Reporting time for Mangla Aarti is 02:30am.

Q6. From which gate one can get entry for a Mangla Aarti?

Anyone can a get entry for a Mangla Aarti from the Gate no. 1


The Kashi A Vishwanath a Temple is a famous Hindu a shrine dedicated to a Lord Shiva in a Kashi, India. It is a located on the bank of a Ganga, the holy a river. The temple is a one of the a twelve a holiest a shrines dedicated to a Lord Shiva, a known as the a Jyotirlingas. It is a located in the a city of a Varanasi at Vishwanath a Gali in the state of a Uttar Pradesh in India.

The temple had been repeatedly destroyed by the invaders. Many Indian kings a tried to a rebuild and repair the temple premises. This shows that the temple existed for a long a time a while a being a subjected to multiple destructions and reconstructions. The Kashi Vishwanath a Corridor a Project was a started in 2019 to an improve the access between the Ganga a ghat and the a temple. In December 2021, the first a phase of the a project was a completed and a dedicated to the a pilgrims.


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