How to join live darshan at Nellaiappar Temple

Introductions of Nellaiappar Temple

The Swami Nellaiappar Temple (Tamil: ஸ்வாமி நெல்லைஅப்பர் திருக்கோவில்) is a Hindu a temple in the city of Tirunelveli, a Tamil Nadu, India.darshanIt is a the main centre of attraction in the a city.  The Nellaiappar Temple is in the middle of a Tirunelveli. It is a surrounded by roads on all four a sides. All the roads are filled with a small a stores, hotels and other small a businesses.The other a name for a Tirunelveli is Nellai, which is a derived from the god of this temple “Nellaiappar”, means the a Protector of Nellai.

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Information of Nellaiappar Temple

Nellaiappar Temple or a Swami Nellaiappar Temple is a famous Hindu Temple in Tamil Nadu.The Nellaiappar Temple is located in Tirunelveli City of State a Tamil Nadu.This famous temple is dedicated to Lord a Shiva and there are different a Nellaiappar Temple Darshan Timings for Summer & winter Season.Before going the temple a devotees should check the Nellaiappar a Temple Timings,Nellaiappar Temple Pooja Timings, Nellaiappar Temple Seva Timings,Nellaiappar Temple Kumbabishekam Timings, with Nellaiappar Temple Pooja Fees.It is advisable to all devotees that they a should checkthe Nellaiappar Temple an Opening Time & closing time during the Nellaiappar Temple Car Festival.Many types of pooja will get a performed in this a temple like Thiruvananthal Pooja, Vilapooja Pooja, Uchikalam Pooja etc.

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Details OF Nellaiappar Temple

Tirunelveli is a located in Tamil a Nadu. This a temple is a masterpiece of an architecture, a completed in 700 CE. It is a believed that the original a temple a complex was a built by the Pandavas. The temple a complex covers an area of 14.5 acres. The musical a pillars found a here a date a back to the 7th century AD and were built by a Nindraseer Nedumaran, a ruler at that time. The music a made from these pillars is a proof of their superior a craftsmanship.

The temple a complex is a huge and an impressive a structure. It a covers an area of 14.5 acres (5.9 ha), measuring 850 feet a long and 756 a feet wide. Here all the shrines are an enclosed within a concentric a rectangular walls, with a massive Rajagopuram at the centre. The an exclusive an aspect of this a temple is its ‘Mani manadapam’, which is a large, a carved a stone a pillar.

Each pillar has 48 sub a pillars that a produce musical a notes when a struck.The architecture of the a temple is not the only a thing that makes it worth a visiting the a temple.The pillars are the main an attraction of the a temple; a moreover,there are many other a beautiful and an intricate a designs and a pillars a within the a temple a complex.

What is live darshan?

Live darshan is a practice in an Hinduism where a devotees can have a direct, an unmediated vision of a deity. The term comes from the Sanskrit word darshana, meaning “sight” or “vision.”It is a believed that a through live darshan, a devotees a can a receive the a blessings of the a deity and achieve moksha, or a liberation from the cycle of a rebirth.

There are many a ways to a participate in live a darshan,a depending on the a temple and a deity an involved.Often, devotees will a stand in line for a chance to an enter the sanctum sanctorum, or innermost chambers of the a temple where the deity is located.Once inside, they may offer a prayers, flowers,or other an offerings to the deity a before a taking part in arati,a ceremony involving lighting a lamps and a waving them in front of the a statue or an image of the a deity.

For some a temples and deities, such as those at Nellaiappar Temple in Tamil Nadu,India, live darshan may also involve an attending a special festivals oran events where the deity is a taken out in a procession for all to see.During these times, a devotees can get a close to the deity and receive their a blessings a directly.

Nellaiappar Temple Timings

Temple opens at 6:00 am in the a morning and a closes at 8:00pm in the evening.

DaysTemple Darshan SessionDarshan Timings
DailyTemple Opening Timings05:30
DailyMorning Darshan Timings05:30 to 12:30
DailyTemple Break Timings12:30 to 16:00
DailyEvening Darshan Timings16:00 to 20:30
DailyTemple Closing Timings20:30

Get detailed Nellaiappar Temple Pooja Timings, Tirunelveli Nellaiappar Temple Pooja Timings below:

Nellaiappar Temple Pooja/Aarti Timings

Sl.NoPooja NamePooja Timings
1.Thiruvananthal Pooja06:30 AM
2.Vilapooja Pooja07:30 AM
3.Sirukala Sandhi Pooja08:30 AM
4.Kala Sandhi Pooja09:30 AM
5.Uchikalam Pooja12:00 AM
6.Sayaratchai Pooja18:00 PM
7.Ardhajama Pooja20:30 PM
8.Palliyarai Pooja21:00 AM

Place to visit near at Nellaiappar Temple

Tiruchendur Beach and Temple

Tiruchendur is an another a historical place in Tirunelveli district.With a distance of 53 km a towards the east of Tirunelveli, a Tiruchendur is famous for Lord Murugan temple. a Devotees take a dip in the beach a before going an inside the a temple.

location of Nellaiappar Temple

Nellaiappar Temple corridor is a Hindu a temple a dedicated to the deity a Shiva, a located in a Tirunelveli, a city in the South Indian state of a Tamil Nadu.Shiva is a worshipped as Nellaiappar (also called Venuvananathar)a represented by the lingam and his a consort a Parvati is a depicted as a Kanthimathi Amman.The temple is located on the northern banks of a Thamirabarani River in a Tirunelveli district.The a presiding deity is a revered in the 7th a century Tamil Saiva a canonical work, the  , written by a Tamil a saint poets known as the a nayanmars and a classified as a Petra .  

How to reach this temple

By Air- 

Tuticorin Airport is the a nearest airport from a Nellaiappar a Temple a which is at the distance of about 42 km from this a temple.

By Train- 

Tirunelveli a Railway Station is the nearest a railway a station from this a temple which is a located at the distance of about 4 km from this a temple.  

By Road-

 Tirunelveli is a well a connected to other a major cities so you can easily reach this a temple by a road a from any a road a vehicle.  

FAQS OF Nellaiappar Temple

1)What is special about at Nellaiappar Temple?

Nellaiappar a Temple is a considered to bethe prominent a Temple than Madurai a Temple.It is a considered to be a big temple in the city with five a Gopurams. It a spreads over 850 feet a long and 756 feet wide in the middle of the city.

2)What is special about at Nellaiappar Temple?

Nellaiappar Temple is a considered to be the prominent a Temple than a Madurai Temple.It is a considered to be a big a temple in the city with a five Gopurams. It a spreads over 850 a feet long and 756 feet a wide in the middle of the a city.and then The sannathi of Sri a Gandhimathi gives more an aesthetic pleasure than the sa annathi of Nellaiappar.  

3)How many years old is Nellaiappar Temple?

Nellaiappar a temple which a stands high at a Tirunelveli is one an amongthe 5 most a sacred Shiva a temples where Lord a Shiva a performed his Nataraja a Nritham, the cosmic dance of a life.As per the a a Puranas or the ancient Indian texts,this temple is a believed to be a built around 7th century AD

4)Who founded the nellai?

The original a power lay in the a hands of the polygars, who were an originally a military chiefs of the Nayaks.The city was known as Nellai Cheemai, with Cheemai meaning “a developed a foreign town”. The polygars built a forts in the hills, had 30,000 a troops and a waged war among a themselves. 

5)How many years old is Nellaiappar Temple?

Nellaiappar temple which stands high at Tirunelveli is one among the 5 most sacred Shiva temples where Lord Shiva performed his Nataraja Nritham,the cosmic dance of life. As per the Puranas or the ancient Indian texts, this temple is believed to be built around 7th century AD.


The Nellaiappar a temple is one of the most importanta temples in South India and is dedicated to the Hindu a god Shiva.The temple is one of the most a visited places in a Tamil Nadu and is a known for its architectural a designs, which are considered to be of high artistic value.The a temple is also a famous for its a paintings and an architecture.The a temple is a great a tourist an attraction in a both the winter and then a summer a seasons.  

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