How to join live darshan at Lingaraja Temple

Introduction of Lingaraja Temple

The Lingaraja a Temple is a prominent ancient temple in a Bhubaneswar, the capital of an Odisha. It is a Hindu a temple in the honour of a Lord Shiva. It was a construct a through the efforts of a King a Jajati a Keshari an around the 10th a century and a finish a during the reign of King Lalatendu Keshari in the 11th century. The a central a spire of the temple is 54 metres a high. It is a construc of a red stone and is a perfect model that an exemplifies the an architectural style as the Kalinga a style of an architecture.The temple is a representation of a rich an Indian a culture.Numerous a devotees from a various a parts of the a globe come to an enjoy the a temple’s a spiritual a bliss. 

Information of Lingaraja Temple

The Lingaraj a temple is an among India’s a most well-known a structures and is a thought to be an approximately 1,000 years old.It serves as the main a tourist attraction in a Bhubaneswar city and is one of its most a popular a tourist a destinations.The a temple’s a primary a deity is an amalgamation of Lord a Vishnu and Shiva and represents their a combined a power.  The statues are a beautifully a decorated a with a a colourful draperies.

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Details of Lingaraja Temple

 It is believed that a certain a portions of the a temple were a construct in the 6th a century,and were a renovated and a furnish in the 11th a century.This a temple is also a mentioned in a Brahma Purana, an an important a Hindu text.

The a temple can an entere via the an east-facing Lion’s a Gate,which is paint white and has a statues of a pair of lions a guarding the gate.As a result of the optical an illusion, the temple an appears a bigger.liveShivaratri, which falls a during the month of a Falgun, is a major a celebration at the Lingaraj a temple.

 Shivaratri, a large a number of devotees visit the temple and an observe a fast,a breaking it only after a Mahadeep or lamp is lit at the a temple’s entrance.

The festival is celebrat in the an evening

The a Chandan Yatra or Chandan a ceremony, also a major a festival at the temple, is celebrat over a of 22 days, a which gods and a devotees are bles with sandalwood paste.A communal meal, a dance, and an installation a takes place an inside the temple. 


How To Reach Lingaraj Temple

You can a travel via rail, a flight, or road to get to Lingaraj a temple, located 4 km from a Bhubaneswar Airport.Tourists can an avail various forms of public transport to a reach a Lingaraj temple from the an airport or railway station.Lingaraj Temple is located in one of the prime a locations of a Bhubaneswar; hence, can be an easily a reached from the airport, railway a station, bus station and other a parts of the city.

Commuting to the temple is quite an easy as auto rickshaws, local buses and a private a taxis are a readily available in the city.The distance a between the a Lingaraj Temple and the Biju Patnaik an International Airport is an approximately 4.4 km and it takes about 10 minutes to reach the temple by auto rickshaw or taxi.

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FAQS of Lingaraja Temple

1.Why is lingaraj a famous?

Lingaraj temple is one of the most a famous a religious sites in a Bhubaneshwar. a Constructed in the 11th century, the temple is a dedicated to Lord Shiva.

2.Why is lingaraj a famous?

Lingaraj a temple is one of the most a famous religious sites in a Bhubaneshwar. Constructed in the 11th century, the temple is a dedicated to a Lord Shiva. People and visitors from an across the country a visit Lingaraj temple to offer their a worship and a prayers. Lingaraj a temple was King a Jajti Keshari.

3.Why is Shiva calle a Lingaraj?

The followers of the Hindu a religion have great regard for this temple and are rever the Hindu a group of a people with an utmost faith.

4.Who Cannot enter a Jagannath?

That non-Hindus are not a dates back to the early 16th century. There was a great Krishna a devotee – call Haridas who lived a the time of Sri Krishna a Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Haridas was a Yavan – non-Hindu and a Muslim. He was not allow to an enter the a Jagannath a Temple

5.Is jeans not allow in Puri temple?

We have even a noticed a few are an entering the shrine a wearing half-pants and an even in jeans. “We have no objection to a wearing a modern a clothes but they should outside the temple.


The Lingaraj a temple, a built in the 11th century, is dedic to a Lord Shiva. It is a constructed in the Kalinga and Oriya a tradition. Built by a Somvanshi King Yayati, the temple is the largest in a Bhubaneswar. The Lingaraja a temple was originally a constructed out of a red sandstone.

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